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Imagine your plant telling you everything about its operational health. Not just one or two specific aspects or symptoms, but its overall condition. Imagine the efficiency, productivity and quality improvements you could realize. Now, stop imagining because this is what delivers every day with its breakthrough solution.

Easy-to-deploy AI for the Industrial Subject Matter Expert

For the first time ever, puts the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) in the hands of the industrial user. You simply imagine, experiment and deploy at your own pace using your own subject matter expertise.

With your assets talk to you and your plant learns every day. It’s how your smart plant becomes genius.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will power the next industrial revolution (“Industry 4.0”). Machine learning will take your manufacturing operation to a new level of productivity and your assets to the pinnacle of efficiency and reliability. AI may seem like a magical, difficult and distant dream – but that is no longer the reality. With, artificial intelligence becomes another tool in your subject matter experts’ toolbox. A tool they can apply without outside help.

With MetaTrainer™ from, what matters most is how well you know your own manufacturing process and existing equipment – and how creative you can be in finding the most advantageous insights. Forget how many algorithms you can explain or how amazing you are at programming in Python or Scala. With MetaTrainer™ in your hands, artificial intelligence is a tool and you are the master craftsman wielding it.

MetaTrainer™ empowers you to promote, explain and create adoption of a machine learning solution that you designed and built – if you can understand and explain to others why it is predicting what it is predicting. The interpretability built into MetaTrainer™ gives you that power.


A modern, event driven, contextual real-time data pipeline with distributed storage, Illuminator™ provides the foundation for building smart industrial applications using machine learning and rules engines on streaming data. Built on Kafka, this low-latency, high-availability publish-subscribe data bus allows easy access to abstracted process and equipment insights and data at the edge, fog or the cloud for building AI applications.


Analyze data in context of assets and operations, perform multi-variable pattern searches, create and store event frames, perform cohort analysis, reference and golden batch analysis, collaborate on data discovery with annotations and snippet sharing. ContexAlyze™ allows easy root cause analysis and feature engineering.


The first automated, interpretable machine learning for the industrial user, MetaTrainer™ allows the industrial user to build AI applications by focusing on their domain expertise without the need for any coding or programming. Machine learning is used for automated feature extraction, but the user is given the freedom for ultimate feature selection based on their domain knowledge.


Build powerful insights and alerts by writing rules and calculations on real-time process and condition data and the output of machine learning algorithms. Highly visual and easy to use interface allows creation of simple logic and calculations or highly advanced equations without any scripting or coding. Rules and calculation outputs are made available in Illuminator™ so that any application (such as the Quartic View™) can subscribe to these calculations deployed on real-time data.

Quartic View™

Design meaningful visualization of your data from live, historical and insights created through Reckon™. A simple “drag and drop” design using template widgets makes displaying your machine learning and real-time data easy. Able to display content in browsers, tablets, and smartphones, its primary focus is to get insights to those close to the process or equipment.

Getting started:

Artificial intelligence in the hands of your existing experts

Augmenting Subject Matter Experts

Designed to enable subject matter experts to augment their existing expertise of the equipment and process,’s MetaTrainer™ assists the subject matter expert to determine the critical inputs and variables that will create the optimal model.

Experiment to innovate

You know your process and assets better than anyone else, and you are the best person to imagine the possibilities of artificial intelligence in your operations. allows you to easily experiment to innovate various use cases and validate your ideas in hours, not weeks.

Idea to Deployment

Creating models is only one step in your AI journey. Deploying models in production can add significant delays to your journey. The entire platform is designed to take your idea to deployment in a fast and easy process. Whether it be in a private cloud, public cloud, fog, or at the edge in devices, you can deploy your models seamlessly where decisions need to be made.

Call or email us today to learn more about’s groundbreaking industrial AI solution or to schedule a demonstration.

Imagine moving far beyond a smart plant to a plant that learns, communicates, recognizes trends, and becomes genius. Now imagine doing that with only the help of your own subject matter experts. makes this possible today.

Imagine the power of the future in the hands of your experts today.

See for yourself how this groundbreaking solution can make your company more agile and competitive today.

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