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Smart manufacturing begins with AI powered intelligent assets.

  • “Quartic isn’t just an AI application, they speak our language.”

    Top 10 Mining company user
  • “Quartic was able to make sense of our data, put it into context, and draw insightful solutions.”

    Top 10 Pharmaceutical company user

  • “Quartic has AI expertise and knows process control systems. Their ability to integrate AI into our system enabled our operators to improve plant optimization.”

    Global mining company user

Build Industrial Enterprise Intelligence with

A platform built by design to Accelerate and provide scalable IIOT and AI solutions. A full-stack, Edge-to-Enterprise, comprehensive and complete solution focused on the OT user. Start with an asset, build a smart enterprise!

Achieve compliance with IIC and RAMI4.0 smart manufacturing frameworks

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Benefits of AI are enormous.
You need the right approach
to achieve them.

Transparency and Trust:
Making AI interpretable and

AI will be adopted and provide sustainable business results when
you build it with your expertise and can explain it to others. automates the data science in Machine Learning but lets the Subject Matter Expert determine the features used to build models, understand and explain the output of models at every step – in building, testing, validation, and deployment.


How to prove the value quickly, without a lot of expense on consulting and without making investment in system/platform

Lack of AI and Data Science Talent

How to integrate silod data sources for AI enabled smart manufacturing

Cannot rip-n-replace existing investments in OT or disrupt existing work processes

Idea to deployment
counted in weeks.

Not months or years.

The Quartic Platform combined with our proven approach puts you in the driver’s seat so you can overcome these barriers and accelerate your IIOT and AI deployment. industrial manufacturing experts collaborate with you and guide you to success.

Your Existing Resources Become the Talent Needed

Connect your legacy assets and modern data sources.

You Experiment on the Business Case.

You Own the Data. You start with your Idea.

The only platform designed for you, the industrial user.

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